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Flywheel UPS

Master VDC is a scaleable system comprised of one or more UPS units and VDC or VDC-XE flywheels. Master VDC is ideal for modern ECO targeted data centres looking to achieve the lowest possible PUE ratios and highest levels of reliability.

Master VDC UPS provide a number of advantages over more traditional batteryequipped systems including: up to 99% efficiency, a compact footprint (up to 50% reduction), lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and almost instantaneous recharge times.

A single flywheel module provides sufficient runtime for the start-up of a local standby generator to power the UPS, which then provides a continuous quality power supply.

The entire system can be scaled for reliable power (N+x) and increased runtime via the parallel operation of several UPS and/or flywheel modules (and a small battery pack if required, for additional reliability).
In a standard configuration (1 x UPS and 1 x flywheel), the runtime available is more than sufficient to allow the UPS to ride through short breaks in mains power.

Flywheel VDC e VDC-XE
Thanks to their extremely high levels of reliability, the VDC series of flywheel energy storage systems provide UPS with a secure and reliable source of power that forms the first line of defence against interruptions to the mains power supply; a fundamental defence for all mission critical applications.

The VDC flywheel systems are fully independent standalone devices. They are designed for applications such as data centres, hospitals and industrial installations.
They provide a clean source of back up power by converting the kinetic energy stored within a rotating mass into electrical power using a built-in IGBT-based converter.
VDC flywheel systems are available in two models, VDC standard and VDC-XE, which is able to provide superior performance for very short and very high power discharges.

VDC series flywheels store kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass (spinning at 36,000 RPM) within a vacuum-sealed container. The VDC build technology includes a rotor made from aerospace-grade steel, a high speed permanent magnet motor/generator and contact-free magnetic bearings that levitate and sustain the rotor during operation with no mechanical friction.
These technical features allow VDC models to achieve very high levels of efficiency.

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An eco-friendly, battery-free uninterruptible power system.

Modular expansion options for more power and runtime.

20 year design life for the flywheel component compared with 7 years for a typical battery.

Easy to install and maintain.



  Master HP (100 – 600 kVA)  
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